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Açai berry is the fruit of the açai palm, It is typically Brazilian fruit and of great economic importance in the country. 


Is a highly nutritious and delicious native fruit of the Amazon rainforest.


Its high antioxidant and nutritional value has attracted the attention of consumers in many countries around the world.


The acai berry is a fruit rich in protein, fiber, fat and an excellent source of vitamins: vitamins C, B1 and B2. Açai also has a good amount of phosphorus, iron and calcium.



220g - Açaí with Guaraná + Granola

220g - Açaí with Banana + Granola

5 Kg - Açaí with Guaraná BOX 

5 Kg - Açaí with Banana BOX 

10 Kg - Açaí with Guaraná BOX 

10 Kg - Açaí with Banana BOX 

100g - Açaí Pulp - BAR

1 Kg - Açaí Pulp - BAR

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