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SYNTONY TRADE INTERNATIONAL is an Importer / Exporter company specialized in Foreign Trade that offers a wide variety of food products, developing export business with many countries and import business of various products to meet the Brazilian market.


In the globalization era, Brazil has evolved considerably in recent years and the relationship with companies from other countries has provided important international business leading us to great partnerships.


We have professionals that are fluent in many languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, English, French and Italian, with great experience in international business, both in Brazil and in foreign countries, offering in the export and import operations quality and promptitude.


We currently have customers in countries like USA, Venezuela, Colombia, Angola, Mozambique, Spain, Portugal, France, Lebanon and others… We import products like Olive Oil from Lebanon and Spain, Palm Hearts and Tuna from Equador, machinery from Italy, France, China, Portugal and Germany among others.


The international market has opened the doors for Brazilian products, and we at SYNTONY TRADE INTERNATIONAL with our brand Health&Joy products are offering the great quality and incomparable Brazilian taste to our customers. Our main export products are: Brazilian sweets, coffee , soybean oil , biscuits , açaí , condiments and others that you can appreciate HERE.



We offer to our foreing clients a wide variety of food products, the exportation service and also the possibility to export their products in to the brazilian market. 

To our brazilian clients we offer access to new markets and a way to export their products as well as to provide them with possible supliers for the products they need to import for their business operations.

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